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Birds & More Programme

The programme Birds & More from Birds & Nature is made possible by bringing together birdwatching and other nature-related events, something which is emblematic of the Birds & Nature mission, which has at its core the belief that birdwatchers are naturalists by nature.

Just as Birds & Nature specializes in birdwatching and always has bird specialists at hand, its combined excursions also are organized with institutions and companies specializing in complementary areas.

We offer the following activities:

- Birds & Wolves (trips to International Douro Nature Park, Villafáfila and sierra de la Culebra, to observe birds and the Iberian Wolf)
- Birds & Dolphins (half-day tours by boat in the Sado estuary, to observe birds and the only resident population of Bottle-nosed Dolphins Tursiops truncatus in Portugal)
- Birds & Wine (birding tours and visits to vintage cellars for wine-tasting)
- Birds & Frescos (birding tours and visits to typical wall paintings from Alentejo)
- Birds & Whales (trips to the Azores, to observe birds and cetaceans)
- Birds & BBF (trips to the UK, to observe birds and to attend the British Birdwatching Fair)
- Birds & Petroglyphs (trips to Faia Brava Reserve, International Douro Nature Park and Vale do Côa Archaeological Park, to observe birds and petroglyphs)
- Birds & Dinosaurs (visits to Lourinhã, cabo Carvoeiro and Óbidos lagoon, to observe birds and fossils of dinosaurs)
- Birds & Archaeology (visits to Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, to observe birds and archaeologic remains)
- Birds & Fossils (trips to International Tagus Nature Park, to observe birds and fossils)
- Birds & Stars (trips to Boquilobo Marsh Nature Reserve and Portas de Ródão, to observe birds and stars) 

In the pipeline are the following exciting programmes:

- Birds & Gorillas

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Birds & Nature Tours is a registered tourism company (RNAAT nº 25/2008 - Turismo de Portugal I.P.)

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