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Portugal is not only an excellent country for birding, it is also a great destination for many other cultural activities.

If you are considering a birding holiday (short-break, week-long or more and tailor-made itineraries), but would like to combine this with other activities (or perhaps birding is not the highest priority of your partner), we can design a programme combining birding with visits to interesting cultural, historical, archaeological places. A good example of this would be to combine birding with visits to the fascinating Portuguese capital, the city of Lisbon.

Just tell us what type of trip you're interested in, with what other cultural activity you would like to combine birding, the time of the year you would like to come and any particular target species, and we'll send you a detailed estimate without any obligation on your part. We can cater for any number of people, varying the price per person accordingly (the price per person will be reduced as the number of participants increases).

As already mentioned, Lisbon is the only European capital located so near such a rich Birds & Nature hotspot. Because of this, it is possible to enjoy a tour of several days, in which the participants visit Lisbon by themselves during some days (staying overnight in the city centre) and have guided visits to the Tagus estuary with Birds & Nature on the other days.

In fact, just about 20 minutes from the city, this huge Nature Reserve, with its extensive area of protected wetland, offers excellent conditions for the observation of birds in rich natural surroundings. The Tagus estuary is the most important wetland in Portugal and one of the most important in Europe. It is fascinating at all times of the year: in winter, it holds over 120.000 waders, waterfowl and other aquatic birds. During migratory periods, bird diversity is at its maximum, and one can expect to observe more than 100 species in a single day. During the summer, the estuary is alive with breeding species more usually associated with the Mediterranean.

For some examples, please see:

Short-break Birds & Lisbon Programme (Lisbon & the Tagus Estuary)

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